Everyone has a Story……….Part Two

God had begun working in my life. He just showed up and started working. I guess I had asked him to be there but he showed up when I least expected him to. We are now into our third year of the bible study. I had asked permission to leave work early, every Tuesday, so I can be a part of the bible study, and they agreed. I am a leader for the High School Girls Group. If you know me at all, you know that I don’t like older kids. I like young kids. The older kids scare me, mostly because many of them are taller then me. They intimidate me. I had to get over that feeling fast. God knew what he was doing because he only gave me two girls. I could handle two. I lead these girls in to God’s Word. We talked to each other and we listened to each other. We learned together. I had so much fun that I agreed to do it again next year. Please pray for me, I am pretty sure I will have more than two girls next year! My passion was still strong and gaining strength as the year went on.

On January 3, 2015, I started a bible reading plan. A plan that would take me through the bible in one year. I became a week day bible reader. I would get up early, have my coffee, and read my bible, before going to work. I wouldn’t read on weekends or on vacations. If I was running late for whatever reason, I would say that I would get to the reading later, but never did. So now, I am leading a bible study so I have to read the bible and do my weekly lessons so I can go through it with the girls, I am reading the bible during the week, and still going to church on Sundays. Occasionally missing a few Sundays, but not as many as before. Again, I am doing everything that  I need to be doing to become closer to God. I am asking him to be in my life and to help me be a better Christian. I am surrounding myself with Christian friends and trying to truly live my life the way I think I should be living it. The way God wants me to live my life. This life style, goes on for over a year. It is now, July 5, 2016 and I have completed 303 days of my bible plan. When I started in January of 2015, I began a plan that was reading the bible Chronologically. I read that plan for 54 days and then switched over to a plan that has me reading a little bit of Old Testament and a little bit of New Testament every day. So really I have read the bible for 357 days. According to my plan, I should be done with the entire bible by September, at the rate I am going.

So what is the point to all this?? Today, I realized something. My life, as I have lived it, has never felt like enough. I never do enough. I was not satisfied. I wanted more. Of what? Who knows. But whatever “it” is, I wanted more, I felt I needed more. I have had a many ups and downs in my life. I really didn’t know what normal was, until today. (That is a whole other blog, for another day) Some one told me that, normal is not a straight line in life. It has a few bumps in the road. It will and can go up and down a few times. That is normal. The last couple of weeks, I have had many bumps in my road. Today, I decided to be free and let it all go.  I went to church tonight. To a Revival not knowing what to expect. Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture Lyrics This song, was sung tonight.  It really spoke to me. I wanted my chains to be broken. I wanted my hurt and the life as I have known it to be set free. It’s a very powerful song. When you have a minute, please listen to it. There was this man speaking who has a passion for Jesus. I have had a very small passion compared to this man. He spoke of committing our entire lives to Jesus. To truly give it all to him. He reminded me that MY path has already been made for me. I just needed to accept it and walk down it. He asked everyone to think about the moment when you are in Heaven standing before God. He said is God going to know who you are? Is  your name in the Book of Life? If you are not 100% sure then come forward. I felt the need to rededicate my life to Jesus. I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sins. I asked him to be in my life, now and forever. John 14:6 says “Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

My slate has been wiped clean. I have started a new journey in my life. I pray that my passion will stay for my love for my savior! No matter what people may tell you, God Loves You! He loves all his children. He doesn’t care what religion you are,what your race or nationality is, he only cares about you! He wants a relationship with  you, an imitate relationship. The only way to get to heaven is through his son Jesus Christ. You have to ask him to be in your life! Are you ready to ask? If you are not 100% sure that your name is in the Book of Life, contact me or someone you know. WE love you and are waiting for you. God’s hands are open wide, waiting for your return.


May God Bless all those who read this. One person can not do this alone. Let’s stand together and become a part of a Team!


God Bless and thanks for reading!







Everyone has a story……Part One

and here is mine. In 2006, I wanted to go to a Women of Faith Conference.  I had been before and had enjoyed myself. I didn’t have anyone who could go with me at the time, so I went alone. The conference was in Orlando. I drove there alone. Went to the Friday night event, alone. Saturday night event, alone. I don’t remember much of that conference. I am sure I had a great time. I am sure that I enjoyed the speakers. I am sure I enjoyed the music. I am sure of all of that because when I had attended this event before. I enjoyed myself. It is what happened after, that I remember the most. I remember driving home on Sunday. It was pretty early, probably around 9. I remember driving to see our house that was being built in the Wesley Chapel area. It had taken me one hour to drive from Orlando to Wesley Chapel. Normally this is an hour and a half to hour drive, depending on the time of day and traffic situations. I didn’t speed, I just drove with joy in my life. I stopped by the house, was pleased with what I saw, and then headed out. I remember noticing a church nearby. I knew their services started at 10:30. I had plenty of time to make it. I decided to go and check them out. I enjoyed their worship services and listened to the message. At the end, they asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer. We were all standing. I don’t remember much of what was being said but what I do know is they started talking about being saved. Something about having Jesus in my life. All of sudden, I felt as if someone had pushed me down and I ended up in my seat. I began to cry, not knowing why. I raised my hands because they were saying something like “If you accept Jesus to be your Lord and Savior” raise your hands. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I just sat there and cried. The next thing I knew, a lady came over to me and said “I noticed you raised your hands, Come up to the front.” I went with her, not knowing why I was going. I heard a bunch of Congratulations, felt a few pats on my back, was given a pamphlet, and sent back to my seat. I left there in tears, not really knowing what had just happened. I immediately called a friend and in tears, asked her if I could come over. I had explained to her that I was at church and something had happened but I wasn’t sure what it was. When I arrived, her first words to me were “You felt it didn’t you?” I was like “Felt what?” “What did I feel?” She replied, “The Holy Spirit!” Is that what THAT was??? How did you know?? Why else would you be here crying?? After the emotional part was over, and I got my head on straight, I left with a new profound feeling. I had felt the Holy Spirit. He literally pushed me down when I didn’t even know that I needed pushing!! He got my attention that is for sure. I sat in my car and began flipping through the pamphlet. Guess what it said?? It said that I had felt the Holy Spirit today!! I could have saved a trip and  a lot of gas if I had just read the pamphlet.

I went home to tell my husband that things were going to change in my life. That I would be reading more of the bible and living my life differently. Looking back, I probably changed my life for a few months and then fell back into the world’s way of doing things. Fast forward a year to 2007. We had our new house and I was training for a Breast Cancer Walk. It would be a 60 mile walk in three days. I sat in the car before my training and on the radio the DJ was saying how this lady wanted to go to a Women of Faith Conference but didn’t want to go alone. The DJ then asked if anyone had tickets that she could buy. I called up and said that my church had plenty of them left and that she could come with us. Long story short, I met this lady on a Wednesday, we bought tickets, and went to the conference together on Friday, and then again on Saturday. She invited me to her church on Sunday. My two children and I went with her to a church 30 minutes away. My kids enjoyed it so much that they said they wanted to go back. They had never said that to me about any church before. We were hooked. I jumped into my new church with both feet. I attended two Womens Ministry during the week, began volunteering during the weekend, and going to church every Sunday. I was doing it all. I had a passion for learning more about God. I was doing what I was suppose to do to “Get into Heaven”. This went on for two to three years. Life went on, but then my passion began to fade. My time was spent on working full time and raising two kids. The volunteering stopped, the bible studies stopped, I still went to church but not every Sunday. I mean I had a life and sometimes that meant I had to do other things on Sunday. Church was there but not a priority.

We are now up to 2013, I have two teenagers. One is about to graduate High School and the other is a Freshman. I have these neighbors of mine who started talking about starting up a Teenage Bible Study. I find myself going to Prayer Meetings every Tuesday Night after work. I find myself getting more involved then I really wanted to but I don’t know how to say no to them. A year later, they started a group. I worked full time and wanted to be a part of it but didn’t know what I could do. I became the Mustard Seed Teacher. I got to take care of the Leader’s children while they ran the Bible Study. I had fun, they fed me dinner once a week, and I played with the girls. The next year, I felt as if I needed to do more. So I set up a bible study for the girls. We went through the book of Genesis together. My passion that had left me was beginning to come back. I was getting into it again. I enjoyed teaching these girls and also learning from them. We are now closing our second year and at the last meeting, I heard myself say “I am interested in working with the teenage girls.” Everyone was so excited and I am like “Did that just come out of my mouth?” One girl came up to me and said “I didn’t know you were interested in teaching the older girls.” My reply was, “Neither did I.” God began to speak through me. God began to use me.




Come back tomorrow for the next part of my story!!!