About Me

I was born in San Francisco, California. My family moved to Tampa, Florida when I was six years old.

This is who I am:

I am a wife of one very supportive husband. We will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in December!

I am mother of two amazing (grown) children. My daughter is in her third year of college in New York City and my son is a High School Senior. He will be going off to college in August. Once he leaves, I will be empty nesting with my other three children, my furry children, my three crazy little dogs.

I am a daughter of two loving parents, sibling of two beautiful sisters, Tia of nine crazy nieces and nephews, and the daughter of The King.

This is what I do:

I have been a teacher for 12 years and an author of children’s books for 15 years. My greatest passion is teaching children and I especially love to train them in the truths presented in the Word of God.  I have written and self-published two books. These books are about my children, nieces, & nephews. I have written a third book that is Christian Based. It is an alphabet book that goes through the 66 books of the bible. I am currently seeking representation for my third book.

God Bless,

Elizabeth Rivera



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